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Membership Commerce

Buy Membership Commerce at concrete5.org to manage subscriptions.

Membership Commerce allows you to manage subscriptions on your site. Users pay for a "product" which subscribes them to a concrete5 group for a set period of time. Once they're in concrete5's user/groups system, you can use advanced permissions to offer features, interactivity, file downloads, or whatever else you'd like.


Get Right To Testing

You don't even need an account -- Membership Commerce will create one for you on successful purchase. Just click one of the buttons on the right and enter your information. You'll get instant access to the content immediately after we've confirmed your fake credit card number.

Note that you'd typically receive an email confirmation, but for security purposes email is disabled.


This demo site shows a moderately complex membership site setup. We offer two primary subscriptions:

But until you've paid us (fake) money, you won't be able to see them. Once you do, you get a 10 day membership. We also show off some more complex memberships which you can create:

  • Commenting add-on -- Normally you only get to watch videos. Buy this and you can comment on them, too. This membership is indefinite and applies to dog videos and/or cat videos.
  • VIP Membership - For a large fee, you get access to everything until the end of time.
  • VIP Membership 2013 - For a smaller fee, you get access to everyting, but only until the end of 2013.

Administration & Configuration

To see how you can configure Membership Commerce, the reporting available, or how this site has been configured, log in as an admin and go to the dashboard.

Username: demo admin (that's "demo admin", with the space, but without the quotes)
Password: demo 


Detailed documentation is available at concrete5.org.